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The Importance of Asphalt Sealcoating with Pitch Black Emulsion

The Importance of Asphalt Sealcoating with Pitch Black Emulsion

The Importance of Asphalt Sealcoating with Pitch Black EmulsionWhen it comes time to invest in asphalt sealcoating, there are many decisions to make. Sealers come in various formulas to meet the needs of every property owner, resulting in many great options. But when you want the best, there’s no better choice than Pitch Black Emulsion. Sealcoating with Pitch Black can lead to safer and better-looking results.

Here’s what you need to know about Pitch Black Emulsion and sealcoating in Washington State and Oregon.

Why is Asphalt Sealcoating Important?

Asphalt sealcoating is an important service property owners can’t ignore. Whether it’s a commercial property with a massive parking lot or a home with an asphalt driveway, Washington asphalt sealcoating is crucial if you want paving to last.

Asphalt is strong, but it’s not immune to damage. The material can deteriorate quicker than you want due to water penetration, sun exposure and other factors. Sealcoating in Oregon and Washington prevents those issues.

The asphalt emulsion sealer contractors apply to pavement forms a protective barrier that keeps pavement safe from the elements. Sealers fill voids to prevent water penetration, block harsh UV rays and even protect from chemical spills, salts and anything else paving might encounter.

What is Pitch Black Emulsion?

Pitch Black is a popular emulsion sealer used for sealcoating in Washington, Oregon and beyond. It was developed by U.S. Seal International, Inc. and has since become the go-to for contractors. Contractors across the Pacific Northwest buy bulk asphalt emulsion, making it readily available to property owners.

The asphalt emulsion sealer has a unique formula. It’s a rubberized emulsion that contains polymers, minerals and other chemicals. Each element in Pitch Black emulsion is carefully chosen to create a product that applies cleanly and provides amazing results.

As the name implies, this product is rich black. When used for sealcoating in Washington and Oregon, it instantly transforms pavement to provide a like-new look while offering superb protection against the elements. It’s a must-have for sealcoating in Oregon and beyond.

Why Should I Consider Sealcoating with Pitch Black?

There are several reasons to use Pitch Black for Oregon and Washington asphalt sealcoating. First, it’s superior to traditional sealers that use a coal tar base.

When applied properly, this bulk asphalt emulsion can seal in essential oils to prevent the pavement from drying out, prevent water from seeping into cracks and damaging the foundation and block harmful UV rays from the sun. But that’s not all.

Many contractors use this product for sealcoating in Oregon and Washington because it does a fine job restoring pavement. The product flows smoothly, making it easy to apply. It also effectively fills cracks, ensuring water doesn’t get into the pavement and freezes during the winter to widen voids.

Plus, it has an impeccable look. The rich black color will make standard asphalt sealcoating look like brand-new paving!

Is Sealcoating with Pitch Black Better for the Environment?

Pitch Black is an eco-friendly asphalt emulsion sealer. Unlike sealers that contain coal tar, Pitch Black emulsion has no petroleum distillates or harmful solvents. It’s also free of asbestos fibers and carcinogenic materials.

It’s better for the environment and people regularly interacting with the pavement. Plus, the eco-friendly formula means that contractors don’t need to get hazardous material placards.

Are There Any Other Benefits to Using Pitch Black Emulsion?

Beyond the benefits mentioned, Pitch Black is an easy-to-apply product that cures quickly and lasts longer than some alternatives. Usually, cheaper bulk asphalt emulsion sealers take 48 hours or more to cure. As a result, properties experience substantial downtime.

That’s not the case with Pitch Black. It dries quickly. In most cases, contractors can move onto striping on the same day! That means fewer disruptions to properties and businesses.

If you’re a contractor ready to use Pitch Black, Pacific Sealcoat Distributors has what you need. We’re proud manufacturers and distributors of Pitch Black and have many years of experience providing bulk asphalt emulsion to contractors throughout Washington and Oregon.

We offer many products and strive to provide reliable service to our clients. During peak season, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Call us today to learn more and get a free quote on a sealer like Pitch Black. You can reach us by phone at (253)888-0502. You can also submit our online contact form or email us at Pacificsealcoatgm@gmail.com.

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