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Which Asphalt Crack Sealing Products Are The Best In The Summer?

Which Asphalt Crack Sealing Products Are The Best In The Summer?

Which Asphalt Crack Sealing Products Are The Best In The Summer?Cold Pacific Northwest winters can take a toll on asphalt paving. Freezing temperatures can cause water that flows into small cracks to expand, resulting in larger voids once springtime rolls around. There’s little property owners and contractors can do to address cracks in the winter. However, several asphalt crack sealing products can perform well in the summer.

Why Wait Until Summer to Use Asphalt Crack Sealing Products?

There are several reasons why summer is the ideal season for crack sealing. During the winter, temperatures are far too cold to complete repairs and sealing projects. While some asphalt crack fillers can withstand cool temperatures, the season’s unpredictability presents many problems.

Crack fillers need time to cure, and cool temperature swings can prevent products from bonding with the asphalt pavement. That may result in a weak seal that allows water to seep through.

The warm and dry conditions during the summer are perfect for optimizing crack sealant performance. Furthermore, addressing voids during the summer prepares pavement for rain during the fall season. High-quality asphalt crack filler and sealer prevent water penetration, keeping pavement in good shape during rough fall and winter weather.

What Does Crack Sealant Do?

Asphalt crack sealing is an important maintenance task that aims to stop water from seeping into asphalt paving. Water is asphalt’s mortal enemy. While high-quality pavement ensures proper drainage to prevent standing water, cracks and voids provide an ideal entry point. Once water seeps deep into the asphalt pavement, it can expand in freezing temperatures, pushing asphalt slabs wider and wider.

Eventually, water can enter the foundation layers, wreaking havoc and causing structural integrity problems. That’s when issues like potholes, alligator skin cracking and more occur.

Crack filling prevents that from happening. Premium asphalt crack filler replaces empty voids, stopping water in its tracks. Crack sealing then creates a waterproof barrier over gaps to keep water out.

What Asphalt Crack Sealing Products Should Contractors Use During the Summer Season?

There are plenty of fantastic products for crack sealing and filling. While many require contractors to apply them during milder spring temperatures, several will perform well in the summer.

For standard crack filling and sealing, products like ElastoFlex from Maxwell Products is an ideal summertime solution. The hot-applied crack and joint sealant is a versatile option, and there are many variants to suit every project.

Most 400, 600 and Classic series products will set up in hotter temperatures. However, ElastoFlex 650 and 670 offer the best performance and the fastest setup in the summer heat. They’re also best for parking lots, city streets and other high-traffic areas. Other summertime contenders include ElastoFlex 430, 450, 89, 355 and 380.

For extensive repair work and wider crack filling, contractors can use GAP Mastic and GAP Patch. These Maxwell Products formulas help contractors address damage that goes beyond standard cracks. For the best results in summer, contractors should consider GAP Mastic D and GAP Patch 570.

Where Should Contractors Source Asphalt Crack Sealing Products?

Contractors looking for the best in asphalt crack sealing and filling should turn to Pacific Sealcoat Distributors. We’re proud to serve clients throughout the Pacific Northwest and offer products and equipment that can tackle any job. Whether you need premium asphalt crack sealing formulas or emulsion sealers, we have you covered.

Get a free quote by calling Pacific Sealcoat Distributors at (253)888-0502. If you prefer call-free communication, you can submit your information through our online contact form or email us at Pacificsealcoatgm@gmail.com.

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