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Wire Wheels

Wire Wheels

Make quick work of debris and undergrowth during crack-sealing surface preparation with the HedgeHog 8″ crack cleaning wire wheels –also fits Grazor/Little Wonder. Purpose-built for asphalt cleaning, these wire brushes offer impressive durability to tackle jobs big and small. The 1/2″ inner diameter arbor hole make the cleaning wheel compatible with most gas-powered cleaning equipment. Use them on high-performance HedgeHog tools like the Billy Goat Grazor or Little Wonder crack cleaner.

The heavy-duty construction features tightly wound steel wire, creating twisted brushes that can handle up to 6,000 RPM. Each wire knot winding is 1 3/8″ long, letting operators clean out even deep cracks in seconds. Blast through vegetation, pull weeds and decimate any undergrowth that penetrates through cracks. The thick wires pull everything from fine roots to thick stems with no issue. Meanwhile, the frayed edges easily lift gravel, dirt and other debris.

The 8″ wire wheels are a powerful tool for surface preparation tasks. Instead of using manual wire brushes to clean cracks by hand, use the HedgeHog wire wheels alongside a gas-powered crack cleaner to knock out several linear yards of asphalt gaps per minute. Boost productivity and work efficiently to prepare surfaces for massive projects in only a fraction of the time. With robust cleaning tools like this, teams can easily prepare surfaces for hot crack fill, ensuring the material sticks. The long-lasting wheels can assist prep teams on countless projects, saving valuable time and resources as they get the job done.

See how these wire wheels can change your approach to surface prep. Call for price and availability today!