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Boost productivity and create a safer working environment with the RY30MK-V1, a 30-gallon direct-fired melter kettle with standard torch and 2″ Molasses valve. This powerhouse melter kettle is portable, allowing for free-standing operation or full mounting on a truck or trailer. Thanks to integrated lift handles and 1/2″ leg channel mounting holes, hauling the machine the job site is easy. Meanwhile, the massive 30-gallon capacity makes completing large jobs a breeze. Melt up to 1,200 pounds of rubberized crack fill sealant and apply up to 9,600 linear feet daily.

Built of 14-gauge steel, the RY30MK-V1 is a robust machine with many reliability features. One of the most impressive is the dual 60,000 BTU/hr, independently operated burners. Run both simultaneously to melt material up to 50 percent faster than traditional torch-fired melter kettles. Or, run them one at a time to save fuel. The RY30MK-V1 burners consume almost 50 percent less fuel than alternatives, thanks to the CSA/UL-approved regular offering of precise flow control.

Running the burners is easier and more efficient than ever. The RY30MK-V1 has push-button electronic ignition, allowing operators to leave strikers and matches at home. Furthermore, the unique design of the sealed burners shields them from wind and other elements, preventing flame-outs. If flame-outs occur, a CSA/UL-approved sensor automatically stops fuel flow to prevent waste.

Monitor material temperature with the glycerin-filled thermometer. Integrated steel shielding prevents accidental damage, while the fluid-filled design resists vibration-induced wear. When moving melted filler to a pour-pot or bander, use the Molasses valve to control the flow and the integrated strainer to prevent clogs.

The RY30MK-V1 is a game-changer for operator efficiency and safety. See how it can improve how you melt sealant. Call today for pricing and availability.