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The RY30MK-PRO-V2 is a best-in-class 30-gallon direct-fired melter kettle with dual-burner and 2″ Molasses valve. Melt up to 175 pounds of rubberized crack filler to apply up to 2,000 linear feet with a single full kettle. In total, this machine can melt enough material daily to fill as much as 9,600 feet of cracks.

The melter kettle offers an industry-first: Dual 60,000 BTU/hr halo burners. The burners melt crack filler up to 50 percent faster than traditional torch melters. That’s not all. The RY30MK-PRO-V2 has sealed burners. The unique design shields the burners from the elements, preventing flame-outs caused by wind gusts. If flame-outs occur, there’s no need to worry about waste. A CSA/UL-approved flame-out sensor shuts the fuel flow to the burners, allowing operators to melt sealant while using up to 50 percent less fuel. Control the temperature and fuel flow during operation with the CSA/UL-approved regulator and fuel lines. Meanwhile, monitor temperatures with the glycerin-filled thermometer. The thermometer resists vibrational damage during use and features a solid-steel bracket to protect from physical damage in transit to the next job.

When starting a fill job, the RY30MK-PRO-V2 offers easy operation. This heavy-duty machine can be free-standing or mounted to trucks or trailers, providing full operator versatility. Begin a melt with push-button electronic ignition. This feature frees operators from strikers, matches and lighters. After the crack filler melts, the melter kettle makes moving it to a pour-pot or bander easier and safer. It’s sporting a Molasses valve to control the flow of hot filler sealant.

The RY30MK-PRO-V2 combines safety, reliability and efficiency into one heavy-duty machine. Call for pricing and availability today!