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Give old asphalt new life with the RY2X2-IR-V1, a 24×24 portable mini infrared asphalt heater–version 1. This unique tool uses infrared technology to heat up and soften asphalt. Use it to rework damaged areas and fix imperfections. After heating, compact the newly softened asphalt to create a like-new appearance at only a fraction of the cost. Save time and money while repairing asphalt without melting a single brick of rubberized crack filler. The RY2X2-IR-V1 offers one of the lowest operating costs on the market. Run the machine for as little as $1.50 an hour, depending on operating conditions.

The RY2X2-IR-V1 is a self-contained unit with no open flame torch. As a result, you can work in even the strongest winds without missing a beat. The replaceable stainless steel and ceramic heat cartridge has an average lifespan of 1,500 hours, allowing operators to complete countless projects before needing a replacement. When that time comes, swap out the old heat cartridge for a new one in less than 20 minutes.

Secure your propane fuel tank directly on the RY2X2-IR-V1. The adjustable regulator with an integrated pressure gauge offers precise fuel flow and heat temperature control. The infrared heater raises the temperature of a 24″x 24″ area for quick and efficient work. Treat one damaged area before using the adjustable handlebars and heat-shielded castor wheels to move on to the next. The RY2X2-IR-V1 is compact enough for one operator to maneuver throughout your work site. Yet, the 11-gauge steel construction provides lasting durability.

With the RY2X2-IR-V1, operators can work quickly and save money while renewing damaged asphalt. Call for price and availability today!