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Improve how operators apply mastic to seal joints, cracks and more with the RY10MS-V1, a 10-gallon direct-fired mastic applicator with standard torch. This reliable applicator features 14-gauge steel construction for maximum durability. Designed to load, maintain, and dispense hot mastic efficiently, the RY10MS-V1 allows operators to work with thousands of pounds of material daily.

Thoughtfully engineered for easy operation and safety, the slanted low-profile design allows for confident loading. Fill the applicator with hot mastic from the front or right side of the kettle, and take advantage of the strategic slant for better material flow during dispensing. The large latched lid makes loading a breeze. Meanwhile, the solid steel wheels with ball bearings on the rear and dual front castors provide better maneuverability. Complete jobs quickly and skillfully with the swappable 8-inch square steel shoe. Whether dispensing or spreading material, the RY10MS-V1 keeps operators far from the hot mastic.

Handlebar controls allow for on-the-fly valve and shoe adjustments. Lift the valve for transport and lower it for dispensing during application, all from the operator position. A handlebar-mounted clean-out tool makes cleaning the valve and chute easy, preventing flow issues and buildup. The RY10MS-V1 also has manual agitation to maintain hot mastic before application. When it’s time to dispense, gain better control with the precision gate valve. The rectangular gate valve places hot mastic near the center of the shoe, resulting in more controlled flow while filling seams, potholes and more.

Complete all jobs safely while maximizing productivity with the RY10MS-V1. Call for pricing and availability today!