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Invest in optimized performance, more productivity and better safety on the job with the RynoWork RY10MK-V1, a 10-gallon direct-fired melter kettle with standard torch and 2″ Molasses valve. This heavy-duty machine features powder-coated 14-gauge steel construction throughout, offering unmatched reliability and durability. Portable and versatile, the RY10MK-V1 has an integrated lift handle and mounting holes. Carry it to the work site or mount it to a trailer or truck. A built-in latch secures the lid, even as you move to the next job.

The RY10MK-V1 simplifies workflows for more efficiency. Ditch the strikers, matches and lighter for electronic push-button ignition. Instantly ignite the 150,000 BTU/hour burner. Precisely control fuel flow with the included CSA/UL-approved regulator and fuel lines. Melt enough material to apply up to 400 feet of crack fill sealant per hour, or 3,200 linear feet daily. Get accurate and reliable temperature readings with the shielded liquid-filled thermometer. Steel shielding protects the thermometer from accidental damage during transport. Meanwhile, the glycerin-filled design resists damage caused by constant vibrations.

The manual agitator allows easy mixing as the material melts, providing a more even consistency for smooth application. When ready to pour hot crack filler into pour-pots or banders, utilize the Molasses valve. The valve offers full flow control, improving safety and reducing waste. The melter kettle also has a built-in filter strainer, ensuring unmelted sealant doesn’t clog the Molasses valve. Are you ready to see how this portable melter kettle can make jobs easier and more productive than ever? Call today for pricing and availability information!