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Take productivity to new heights during crack-filling jobs with the RY10MK-PRO-V3, a 10-gallon direct-fired melter kettle with single burner and 2″ Molasses valve. This machine is a best-in-class melter, offering efficiency and reliability in a portable package. Use the built-in lift handle to carry the RY10MK-PRO-V3 to the job site. Or, take advantage of the leg channel holes to mount the machine to a truck or trailer.

Connect the melter kettle to a propane tank using the CSA/UL-approved regulator and fuel lines. The regulator offers precise control to the single, sealed burner. The shielded design offers superior protection from elements like wind, preventing common flame-out issues with traditional torch-fired models. Highly efficient and easy to control, the burner heats rubberized crack fill sealant up to 35 percent faster while utilizing less fuel. The CSA/UL-approved sensor automatically cuts fuel flow to the burner if flame-outs occur, preventing waste.

Operating the RY10MK-PRO-V3 is a cinch. Instead of relying on strikers or lighters, lighting up requires nothing more than a push of a button—the push-button electronic ignition streamlines operator workflows. Monitor temperatures at a glance with the steel-shielded glycerin-filled thermometer. This crucial element offers protection during transit and resists vibrational wear, ensuring accurate readings even when in motion.

Experience safer use on the job with the built-in Molasses valve. Use the valve to control the flow of hot crack fill sealant while transferring it to a pour-pan or bander. Additional safety features include a kettle lid latch and 14-gauge steel construction. Use the RY10MK-PRO-V3 to knock out 600 feet of crack filler an hour, completing as much as 4,800 linear feet daily.

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