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The RY10MA-V3 with ERGOKIT is an expertly engineered 10-gallon direct-fired melter applicator with RynoValve, ergonomics and standard torch. Built from 12-gauge steel, this melter applicator is a heavy-duty machine providing maximum efficiency and easy-to-use operation. With the RY10MA-V3, the days of transferring melted crack filler from a kettle to a pour pot are over. Melt and apply with one machine to save time and improve safety.

The RY10MA-V3 melts sealant bricks in less than one minute, allowing operators to melt and apply up to 400 feet of fill in an hour or up to 3,200 feet a day. The 1.25-inch RynoValve is ready once the kettle has hot sealant, requiring virtually no preheating. On-the-fly paddle agitation maintains consistency and speeds up melting while working, ensuring the material drains smoothly. Best of all, operators can control these efficiency features from one operation.

Side-by-side controls allow operators to view and adjust temperature, agitation, flow, and application from a single position. The adjustable handlebars also enable operators to optimize spring tension and valve squeeze distance to reduce fatigue. Double ball bearings on the rear wheels enhance comfort and control, increasing stability over various surface conditions while providing better maneuverability. To monitor temperatures, the RY10MA-V3 with EROGKIT has an innovative glycerin-filled thermometer. It resists vibration-caused damage, offering more protection during operation and transit. There’s also a CSA/UL-approved regulator with a pressure gauge to monitor fuel pressure on the job effortlessly.

The RY10MA-V3 is a best-in-class entry-level crack fill melter and applicator, offering heavy-duty construction and features to help operators conquer jobs safely and more efficiently. Call for price and availability today!