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The RY10MA-V3 BASE MODEL is a 10-gallon direct-fired melter applicator with RynoValve and standard torch. It’s among the most reliable entry-level machines on the market, offering best-in-class design and top-of-the-line features for more operator efficiency and safety. Safety features include a CSA/UL-approved regulator for precise control over fuel flow, a ratchet strap to fasten a propane tank, safety latch to secure the lid during operation and transit and 12-gauge steel construction for lasting durability. A valve control arm also facilitates spring tension adjustments for optimized performance.

Regarding efficiency, the RY10MA-V3 BASE MODEL paves the way to maximum productivity. The 150,000-BTU/hour heating torch melts crack fill sealant quickly. It’s also great for burning vegetation on the fly while working. Pair that with the RynoValve, requiring virtually no preheating time, and the RY10MA-V3 BASE MODEL helps operators work quickly.

The removable torch and kettle design provide reliable performance regardless of temperature conditions. This melter applicator enables operators to apply up to 400 feet of sealant an hour or up to 3,200 feet a day.

The RY10MA-V3 BASE MODEL is designed for one-person operation. It’s easy to control, allowing users to melt and use sealant with one machine. The innovative design simultaneously applies and smooths crack filler with simple handlebar controls. The liquid-filled thermometer makes monitoring temperatures a breeze. Glycerin inside the thermometer resists damage caused by vibration, ensuring accurate temperature readings on the job. Meanwhile, double ball bearing wheels on the rear provide better stability and smoother operation.

See how the RY10-MA-V3 BASE MODEL can maximize productivity and safety during crack-filling jobs. Call for price and availability today!