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The RY10MA-PRO-V4 is a 10-gallon direct-fired melter applicator with burner, RynoValve, RynoDash, ergonomics and accessory torch. Built for enhanced productivity and safety, the RY10MA-PRO-V4 makes crack-filling easier than ever before. The machine features an optimized burner/kettle design. It facilitates even heat distribution, avoiding time-wasting material crystallization that often occurs with traditional torch-fired models. The result is more efficient heating, melting crack sealant up to 50 percent faster while using up to 50 percent less fuel.

Thanks to a CSA/UL-approved regular, operators have precise control over fuel flow to the kettle. A CSA/UL-approved sensor automatically detects wind-caused flame-outs, preventing fuel from flowing to the burner to improve fuel efficiency. Pair that with the enclosed burner, and the RY10MA-PRO-V4 offers superior protection from the elements to reduce wasted time.

RynoValve also helps operators save time with the RY10MA-PRO-V4 by requiring virtually no preheating. It’s ready to use when there’s hot crack sealant in the kettle. RynoValve, combined with the optimized burner/kettle, enables operators to apply and fill up to 4,800 feet daily.

The adjustable handlebars allow for operator customization between 35 and 42 inches. Adjustability optimizes valve squeeze distance and spring tension, reducing fatigue. Pushing the RY10MA-PRO-V4 is also less intensive for operators due to its double ball bearing rear wheels and solid dual front casters, ensuring easy maneuverability even over slanted surfaces. With side-by-side controls, the RY10MA-PRO-V4 enables one-person operation. Operators can monitor temperature and adjust sealant flow from one position. Features like engineered heat shielding, a dual ratchet strap to secure the propane tank, push-button electronic ignition, and a safety latch to fasten the kettle lid make using the RY10MA-PRO-V4 a breeze.

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