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The RY10MA-ELITE-V1 is a 10-gallon direct-fired melter applicator with burner, RynoValve, RynoDash, ergonomics and accessory torch. As the most advanced melter-applicator available, the RY10MA-ELITE-V1 melts and applies hot crack sealant up to 50 percent faster than traditional torch-fired models, knocking out up to 4,800 feet per day. The burner/kettle design provides even heat distribution during the melting process to prevent material crystallization, all while consuming up to 50 percent less fuel. Boost productivity with the innovative 1.25-inch RynoValve that requires no preheating time. The RynoValve is ready to use when the kettle contains hot sealant.

The RY10MA-ELITE-V1 also has an enclosed burner design, protecting against wind-caused flame-outs. Pair all that with the solid dual front casters with lift handles, and this melter-applicator offers superior stability and operator maneuverability over slanted surfaces. In the rear, double ball bearing wheels provide smoother operation.

Numerous quality-of-life features save time and improve safety. Side-by-side controls reduce operator fatigue. The design also allows for continuous material agitation while applying and spreading sealant. Controls are height-adjustable for comfort, enabling optimized valve squeeze distance and spring tension. Meanwhile, RynoDash with push-button electronic ignition saves operators time searching for a striker, lighter or matches. Ignite and monitor kettle temperatures comfortably at the operator position.

For added safety, the RY10MA-ELITE-V1 melter-applicator features a CSA/UL-approved regulator and fuel lines, offering precise control over fuel flow to the kettle. The flame-out sensor is also CSA/UL-approved, and the machine features engineered heat shielding to keep operators safe while maximizing productivity in the field.

See how the RY10MA-ELITE-V1 can create a safer and more efficient experience while melting and applying hot crack sealant! Call for pricing and availability today!