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Knock out surface preparation in only a fraction of the time than before with the HedgeHog Lawn Edger with a crack cleaning kit and 6.5 HP 196cc engine. This machine makes cleaning cracks and edging lawns a breeze, ensuring that future fillers stick. The heart of the Hedgehod lawn edger is a powerful 4-stroke engine. It provides 6.5 horsepower and 88 pounds of torque. Get plenty of power to clean up to 60 feet of cracks and grass edges a minute to increase productivity without sacrificing quality. Meanwhile, the large fuel tank reduces downtime due to refueling, and the ergonomic starter makes getting to work easier than ever.

The HedgeHog Lawn Edger and crack cleaning kit has a sturdy eight-inch twisted steel brush wheel. The height-adjustable wheel blasts rock and debris from cracks without manual brushing. Swap the wheel out for the included cutting blade when you need to edge trim. Control the wheel height for any prep task with the easy-to-use lever on the handlebars.

For safety, the HedgeHog Lawn Edger features a built-in blade guard. An automatic kill switch mounted on the handlebars allows operators to turn off the engine effortlessly for safety and fuel efficiency. For maneuverability, it utilizes a four-wheel design. It offers enhanced stability. The machine also sports curb-hopping wheels to make navigating off-angle pavements and irregular surfaces a breeze.

The HedgeHog Lawn Edger with crack cleaning kit is a versatile piece of equipment that can help operators prepare surfaces, remove weeds, clean lawn edges and more for fast surface prep. Call for price and availability today!