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Make quick work of asphalt repair jobs with Patch-Aquaphalt, Aquaphalt 6.0 Medium (Used for 1″ repairs), 3.5-gallon pail. Patch-Aquaphalt is a top-rated cold mix patch product developed to make repairs easy, cost-effective and permanent. While other patch products only temporarily fix asphalt issues, Aquaphalt is a permanent solution. The cold mix materials create a powerful bond, making the repair stronger than the surrounding materials. The result is long-lasting repairs that stand the test of time.

Patch-Aquaphalt contains a blend of 6mm aggregate, vegetable oil and a powerful proprietary binder. The binder is plant-based, making Patch-Aquaphalt an environmentally friendly alternative to patch products that contain toxic solvents. It’s also VOC-free.

Using Patch-Aquaphalt is a cinch. After cleaning the damaged area and removing debris, pour the cold mix into the hole and level it. Then, pour water according to the directions over the entire surface of the filled area. The binder in Aquaphalt reacts to the water to form a permanent repair. After compacting the material with a tamper, it’s ready to set.

The best part? The binder within Patch-Aquaphalt reacts to the water within 15 minutes. That means no lengthy wait times or traffic detours. The patched area is ready for traffic upon completion of the repair. Traffic will compact the material further as it sets. The material sets up permanently after just 24 hours.

Great for asphalt and concrete road surfaces, Patch-Aquaphalt is a versatile product trusted by DOTs, municipalities, governments and more worldwide. Call today for pricing and availability information!