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Repair alligator-cracked asphalts, shallow depressions and cracks wider than 1/2″ with Gator Patch Product – 5 Gallon Pail. This asphalt patch solution is ready to use straight out of the pail, offering a quick and cost-effective fix to common asphalt problems. With Gator Patch, there’s no need to bring out the kettle or hot mixes. Gator Patch can make surfaces traffic-ready in only two to four hours in favorable conditions.

A single gallon of Gator Patch can cover up to 20 square feet of alligatored areas. But it can also repair shallow areas and cracks. For cracks up to 1/2″ wide and 1/2″ deep, a gallon of Gator Patch is enough to fill 150 linear feet.

Gator Patch is ready to use after surface prep. All you need is a squeegee. It contains a blend of asphalt emulsion, glass fiber, mineral fillers, plasticizers and ground rubber. After application, Gator Patch dries hard and leaves a smooth finish, creating a like-new appearance in only a few hours. Once set and hardened, the patch protects cracks from water penetration for lasting durability.

With Gator Patch, teams can prolong the life of parking lots, playgrounds, tennis courts, running tracks and more. Address alligator cracks and depressed areas before they become potholes requiring costly repairs. Gator Patch Product offers an easy solution with zero cutting, melting or replacing full sections. With a three- to four-year lifespan, Gator Patch is a must-have for all asphalt repair professionals and maintenance teams.

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