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Keep equipment in good shape and remove organic stains from any surface with Oil-Flo 1 Gallon Product GAL (4/CASE) #17004. Oil-Flo is a game-changing solvent cleaner that can eliminate even the most stubborn stains. Oil-Flo isn’t your average cleaner. It’s purpose-formulated for removing organic matter like asphalt, grease, coal, tar and more.

When applied to a stain, Oil-Flo will bond to petrochemicals. That could be anything from asphalt sealer and adhesives to simple paint. Whatever the case, the solvent grabs those petrochemicals before binding to the oxygen molecules in water.

After a quick rinse with clean water, surfaces look like new. Oil-Flo 1 Gallon Product is an aggressive cleaning solvent with many potential uses. It’s powerful enough to tackle the toughest jobs, like dissolving parking lots. Yet, it doesn’t damage surfaces. Therefore, it can eliminate stains on soft surfaces, such as crayon marks on a carpet.

Oil-Flo doesn’t damage surfaces in any way. Instead, it bonds to stains and dissolves them, leaving the treated surface mess-free. What types of surfaces can Oil-Flo treat? It effectively cleans glass, concrete, steel clothing and more.

This solvent is the go-to for professionals in many industries. It’s ideal for cleaning overspray messes, accidental tracking, material spills, etc. Use it to clean up equipment or gear quickly and efficiently, preparing tools for the next job. Using Oil-Flo 1 gallon is easy. After application, agitate the surface to ensure proper bonding. Then, rinse the stain away with plain water.

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