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Cut through tough grease and buildup, minus the potentially hazardous chemicals, with CLEAN-CIT-16BX, 16oz can Citrol 266 Degrees (sold by the each). This powerful solvent cleaner and degreaser puts up a tough fight against various messes. It’s a heavy-duty cleaner that quickly works through heavy grease buildup, dirty oil deposits, caked-on tar, gear lubricants and more. It can even cut through tire marks, industrial-grade adhesives, soot and other grime without missing a beat. CLEAN-CIT-16BX Citrol 266 is the go-to for professionals in industrial and transportation settings, making general plant maintenance and cleanup tasks a breeze.

Addressing grease-based messes requires strong solvents. Whether it’s excessive lubrication on industrial equipment or accidental tar spills marring up a worksite, traditional cleaners and hand-scrubbing won’t do. Citrol 266 is a purpose-built degreaser and solvent cleaner that provides robust cleaning power in a convenient-to-use spray bottle.

Despite its heavy-duty cleaning power, Citrol 266 is environmentally safe. While other cleaning solvents use hazardous chemicals that pose health, safety and environmental concerns, Citrol 266 uses an organic citrus base. It takes care of even the toughest messes but is safer than most conventional petroleum-based products. Get impressive cleaning power without the risks.

CLEAN-CIT-16BX is both biodegradable and water-soluble. Best of all? It has a refreshing citrus scent. Ditch the breathing masks, take care of industrial messes and leave behind an undeniably clean smell of oranges. Spot test, clean and rinse thoroughly with clean water to take care of messes more efficiently than ever. Call for pricing and availability today!