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Make quick work of cracks in asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavements with CRAFCO211 Crafco Roadsaver. This hot-applied sealant is a prime choice for repairing cracks on busy highways, city streets, demanding airfield pavement and more. It’s also the go-to for filling cracks and joints in parking lot pavements and other concrete surfaces. Thanks to its flexibility, Crafco Roadsaver sealant is a versatile choice that can provide lasting durability on various surfaces.

CRAFCO211 is a sealant formulated for repairs in moderate climates. After melting, Crafco Roadsaver forms an adhesive compound strong enough to withstand traffic and everyday wear and tear. However, it remains flexible to resist issues caused by temperature swings. During the winter, the flexibility resists cracking that often occurs with other sealants. In the summer months, CRAFCO211 resists flow in intense heat. It’s a universal choice that holds up throughout the year, no matter the temperature.

Crafco Roadsaver comes in solid form. Before application, melting can occur in a kettle or melter-applicator. CRAFCO211 has a maximum heating temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the minimum application temperature is 380 degrees Fahrenheit. After melting, applying the sealant to cracks can occur with a pressure-feed applicator or pour pot.

Once it reaches its application temperature, CRAFCO211 becomes free-flowing and self-leveling. As a result, it’s easy to use and can create a smooth, level finish without much additional work after application. The CRAFCO211 Crafco Roadsaver sealant is a high-quality product that can help teams address repair jobs quickly and efficiently while ensuring lasting durability. Call today for pricing and availability!