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Billy Goat GZ551V

Billy Goat GZ551V

Clean cracks quickly and efficiently with the Billy Goat Grazor GZ551V pavement surface prep machine. This tool is a game-changing addition to the arsenal of sealing contractors and maintenance professionals. It removes debris and vegetation from cracks faster than ever, allowing operators to move on to filling and sealing in less time.

This purpose-built machine is more efficient than hand-cleaning or using edge trimmers. The Billy Goat GZ551V crack cleaner spins a heavy-duty wheel of twisted stainless steel wire to blast through dirt, weeds, grass and whatever else stands in the way of efficient sealing. It works fast, allowing operators to complete five linear feet of crack cleaning every 15 seconds.

It also has an optimized pulley ratio. Precise engineering delivers maximum cutting torque without issues like belt slipping or premature sheave wear. It’s a resilient tool built for the demanding jobs performed by professionals in the pavement industry. Powering the Billy Goat GZ551V is a powerful 169cc Vanguard engine.

Operating the Billy Goat Grazor is easy and comfortable. The brush declutch control is on the handle, allowing operators to transfer power to the brush smoothly in a safe and comfortable position. On the Grazor’s rear are two 8″ semi-pneumatic tires. They’re stable and provide great maneuverability even over uneven, hard surfaces. The front is sporting a single heavy-duty swivel caster. With 360 degrees of rotation, bolted-on construction and zerk lubrication, operators can use the wheel to move around the job site effortlessly as needed.

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