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Billy Goat F602V

Billy Goat F602V

Conquer yard work and residential cleanup with the Billy Goat F602V Wheeled Leaf Blower F6 Force Series. This light but mighty push blower is easy to use, allowing operators to complete jobs in only a fraction of the time it would take with heavy-metal machines or backpack-style blowers.

Despite its heavy-duty performance, the Billy Goat F602V blower is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs just 40kg (88.2 pounds), making it easier to push around than metal-bodied alternatives. Plus, it’s significantly quieter. The three-wheel design makes maneuvering over sloped or uneven surfaces a breeze, reducing fatigue and letting operators work longer.

Powering the Billy Goat F602V wheeled leaf blower is a professional Vanguard 160 engine. The engine provides powerful flow and works with a smooth, rounded housing structure. The housing design eliminates air voids to maximize flow and reduce noise.

Inside, there’s an innovative fan design to generate powerful flow. It’s a single-shot 16-blade closed fan. It offers twice as many fan blades as other blowers on the market, making the Billy Goat F602V a machine capable of tackling jobs big and small.

The air generated by the fan shoots out the patented Aim N Shoot funnel. It’s on the side of the housing, and this unique feature allows you to direct airflow where you need it most. Change directions with the intuitive fingertip controls and engage the lock to keep it in position. Additional accessories like the forward discharge and hose kit give operators ultimate versatility.

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