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Billy Goat F1002V

Billy Goat F1002V

Easily tackle large cleanup jobs with the Billy Goat F1002V Wheeled Leaf Blower F10 Force Series. This is a powerful machine built for large property owners and maintenance contractors. The Vanguard engine offers impressive power to conquer jobs faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Inside the wheeled leaf blower is a 16-blade single-shot fan. It has twice as many blades as other blowers on the market. Furthermore, the advanced closed-face fan technology produces strong, consistent airflow for maximum efficiency. It lives within the expertly engineered housing.

The Billy Goat F1002V has a smoothly rounded housing structure. Not only does it help cut back on bulk and weight, but it also improves efficiency. The rounded design eliminates air voids while reducing noise. Overall, the housing is durable. It won’t rust or dent like metal-bodied machines.

A patented Aim N Shoot airflow director gives operators ultimate control. Direct airflow where you need it with simple fingertip controls and a position-locking mechanism

To help with maneuverability, the Billy Goat F1002V offers a three-wheel design. An optional foam front wheel is puncture-proof, preventing unnecessary wheel-related downtime and replacements. There’s also an optional caster wheel kit for getting around tight spaces and a parking brake kit to lock the wheels on sloped terrain. Ergonomic handles help reduce fatigue during operation. Meanwhile, the quick hold-down kit saves time between jobs and makes transporting the Billy Goat F1002V a breeze.

Make residential cleanup jobs easier than ever with the Billy Goal F1002V. Call for price and availability today!